Discover Lincolnshire

Discover Lincolnshire

From the historic charm of Lincoln to the seaside magic of the coast, Lincolnshire is a goldmine in terms of things to see and do.
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Lincolnshire is England's fourth largest county, so it's no surprise that it offers a wealth of things to do and see. From the historic charm of Lincoln to the seaside magic of the coast, Lincolnshire is a goldmine when it comes to places to visit.

Lincoln Castle dates back almost a thousand years, and was built by William the Conqueror. For centuries it was used as a court and prison, with executions taking place on its ramparts.

The city's cathedral has been used as a place of worship for just as long. Visible as far as 25 miles away, it is one of the county's best known landmarks. Three scenes of the movie The DaVinci Code were filmed at the cathedral.

Lincoln also has a university, which in May 2010 was reported by The Times to have the biggest rise in places of any university in Britain.

Moving toward the coast, it isn't long before you'll come across the picturesque slopes of the Lincolnshire Wolds. This is one of 36 designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England, described by the AONB association as "a precious landscape whose distinctive character and natural beauty are so outstanding that it is in the nation's interest to safeguard them".

With their 200 square miles of countryside and the highest points in eastern England, the Wolds offer a selection of footpaths and trails to suit casual walkers and keen ramblers alike.

has its share of heritage, and attractions like the Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby are the perfect example. Recreated to its original design as a Second World War air base, it provides a chance to imagine what life during the conflict would have been like - and to see the famous Lancaster bomber 'Just Jane' up close.

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As you reach the seaside you'll see why the Lincolnshire coast is the favourite holiday destination of many families. The bracing sea air, miles of golden award-winning beaches, rollercoaster rides and annual events like summer carnivals and Skegness' hugely successful arts and music SO Festival provide countless reasons to come back again and again.

Toward the north end of Lincolnshire lies Grimsby, a town proud of its identity as a busy seaport. The National Fishing Heritage Centre - a museum depicting life in the 1950s and offering a chance to tour a trawler - can be found here.

With all this and much more besides, it's easy to see why Lincolnshire remains a firm favourite as a holiday destination.

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